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Rice Team Steamer Masema
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Specification of Rice Team Steamer Masema

Gas Rice Steamer Heavy Duty Gas Rice Cooker Masema 8 Tray function :

1. Cooking rice in large capacity

2. Fast cooking process, practical and fuel efficient because it uses LPG gas as fuel so the rice is more tender & pulen. This machine is capable of cooking rice 24kg up to 32 kg quickly & practically

3. Easy in care, and hygienic because of Stainless Steel's full material Food Grade.

4. Easy to operate and very safe and able to steam: bakpau, dimsum, corn & others because of the perforated tray 


Capacity: 24 - 32 kg

Tray Amount: 8 tray

Water pressure: 4 kg

Consumption: 0.7 - 1.0 kg / hour

Dimensions (mm): 680 x 660 x 1.320


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