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Meat Processing Machine

Masema Meat Processing Machine has 5 types of equipment :

► Bowl Cutter serves as a mixture of meat dough and other ingredients to blend perfectly in the manufacture of meatballs and is suitable for business people meatballs or business kateringan both small and large scale

► Meat Slicer serves to cut the frozen meat with the thickness as needed. To be able to cut frozen meat with maximum results should be at a temperature of about -5º to 15º C

► Meat Grinder or meat milling machine serves to grind the meat into a finer shape and this is one of the main functions, after the meat is smoothed, input in a bowl cutter to make ground meat mixed with other spices mixture that the results are ready to be meat ball

► Meat Ball Machine serves to mold meatballs, after the process of ground meat mixed with batter seasoning in the process of meatball molding and the type of meatball size can be adjusted from the shape of round and sprawl

► Bone Saw Machine works to separate bone from meat, and special use of bone saw machine must with frozen meat for maximum result and machine knife not easily damaged

Masema provides after sales 24 hours with 1 year service warranty and 6 months spare part. With Masema, workmanship becomes easy, bigger profit

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